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What Packing Supplies Do You Need for Your Move?

Anyone who has ever moved to a new home can tell you – packing your belongings can take a long time. If you don’t have the time or energy for it, you can always hire reputable movers, like those at Progressive Relocation. But, if you’d prefer to pack yourself, it’s important to get the right supplies for your move. These supplies include the following:
  • Regular boxes. Boxes come in all sizes. Small boxes (1.5 cubic feet in the United States) are best for heavy items like books, small appliances, canned goods and more. Large boxes (4.5 cubic feet), on the other hand, are perfect for lightweight belongings like pillows, blankets and more. Medium boxes are good for everything in between. The general rule for boxes is that as the size of the box increases, the weight should decrease; otherwise, the movers may have difficulty lifting them during your move.
  • Specialty boxes. If you’re packing fragile or odd-shaped items, you may need a specialty box. Such boxes include mattress boxes, mirror boxes, custom crates, dishpack boxes, wardrobe boxes and more.
  • Packing Tape. You’ll probably be using packing tape to seal every box – so be sure to stock up! In addition, consider getting various rolls of colored packing tape so you can devise a labeling system that indicates where (i.e., inside which room) a box should be placed.
  • Wrapping. You don’t want stuff to break during your move. That means you should invest in lots of bubble wrap and newspaper. Wrap your fragile or breakable items in these materials to protect them from damage.
You can purchase supplies for your move with Progressive Relocation – our moving kits give our movers the supplies you need in one box. The amount of supplies you require will vary depending on how much you are moving and a few other factors. For advice on how much you’ll need for your move, contact Progressive today.

Different Types of Moving Boxes: What’s Best for Your Stuff

When you’re preparing to move, it’s important to have the right supplies – including moving boxes. But how do you know what types of moving boxes to purchase? The first step is to take an inventory of your belongings. Then you’ll know what kind of moving boxes – and how many of each – to buy. The most common kinds of moving boxes include the following:
  • Small box. This is also known as a “book box” and is typically 1.5 cubic feet in the United States. It’s great for storing heavy items like books, records, shoes, canned goods, small appliances and more.
  • Medium box. Typically 3 cubic feet, this type of box is known as the “all-purpose box.” You can put anything in here, from pots and pans, to toys, lamps, mementos, kitchen utensils and more.
  • Large box. At 4.5 cubic feet, the large box is ideal for lightweight items like pillows, blankets and clothing. Typically, as the size of the container increases, the weight of the items inside should decrease. That way, you won’t get hurt when lifting and loading the moving boxes on moving day.
  • Dishpacks. These boxes come with cell dividers so you can easily transport your bowls, stemware, dishes and other kitchenware.
  • Mattress box. Protect your mattress from damage with a mattress box, which comes in a variety of sizes, including crib, twin, standard, double and queen/king.
  • Mirror boxes. The last thing you want is a cracked mirror on your hands! Even if you aren’t superstitious, using a mirror box for your mirrors, glass tabletops and large pictures just makes sense.
  • Custom crates. Some people won’t have a need for such crates. But if you’re moving antiques, chandeliers, artwork, or anything large, bulky or delicate, be sure to order a custom crate from Progressive Relocation. We can make them to your specifications.
  • Wardrobe boxes. These large boxes stand upright and come with a bar for hanging clothing, curtains and draperies. They can keep such belongings from becoming wrinkled on your journey.
Whatever your need, Progressive Relocation is more than happy to supply you with all the moving boxes for your move. Contact us today for more information!

Guide to Specialty Packaging

Specialty packaging is necessary for most moves. At Progressive, we realize that the packing process is not as simple as just throwing your belongings into a big moving box and expecting everything to go smoothly. Packing your belongings carefully, securely and in the proper cartons is imperative to the overall success of your move. After all, your belongings are important to you, and they should be packed in a manner which best protects them from damage during transit and suits them best. Specialty packaging can provide this extra care some of your belongings require. Read this specialty packaging guide to find out more about how to get started.

Moving Supplies for Your Special Belongings

For any specialty packaging need, Progressive has the moving supplies you need. From dishpack cartons to wardrobe boxes, our specialty packaging materials can effectively pack your belongings that need extra attention. So whether you need to transport a large closet of expensive suits or a heavy, fragile mirror, our specialty packaging materials can be used.

Types of Moving Supplies for Specialty Packaging

We have various types of specialty packaging materials. First, we provide wardrobe cartons so that items that need to remain on a hanger can be transported without being crumpled in a moving box. Whether it’s clothing, draperies, linens or otherwise, our wardrobe boxes are specifically designed with a metal bar to ensure that your hanging items remain hanging during transit.
Our mirror cartons are long and flat and come in several sizes for your packing needs. These specialty packaging cartons are ideal for glass table tops, mirrors, framed pictures and more. Since these items are fragile and odd-sized, the specialty packaging they require can be provided by our mirror cartons. The mirror cartons provide these fragile items with the extra security they need when stretch wrapping, bubble wrap and paper packaging is not enough.
At Progressive, we understand how tough it can be to pack up a kitchen or dining room. With all the glass, china and breakables involved, it can be hard to pack all these items securely into a big moving box. Our dishpack carton is designed for these specialty packaging needs with thick, durable dividers inside the box. These dividers separate your dishes, glassware, crystal, china and more so that they do not bang against each other during transit, causing them to break or crack.
For your mattress and box spring, our mattress cartons are the specialty packaging supplies you will need. These large mattress cartons provide superior protection for your mattress and box spring against soiling, damage and dirt while moving. You will need one mattress carton each for your mattress and box spring to effectively pack these items.

Progressive: Your Source for Specialty Moving Supplies

Whatever your specialty packaging needs, Progressive has the moving supplies for you. You don’t have to worry about transporting your belongings that require specialty packaging. Instead, our specialty packaging materials will ensure your belongings’ safety and security during a move. Progressive has been in the business of moving for over 10 years. We understand what your packing and moving needs are – especially in terms of specialty packaging.

Best Movers Period

From the beginning of the move to the end, the communication was great & they cared for my items as if they were their own. Can’t ask for more from a moving company!

— Ross & Anna A. of Miami, FL

Why Progressive Relocation?

Progressive Relocation has the largest mover network in the world combined with over 10 years of experience. Whether you are relocating long distance or locally, our global network ensures that no matter where you’re going, we can get you home. As a full-service mover, we handle everything from packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking your belongings.

Our mission is to provide affordable moving services backed by a name you can trust. We are a company built on a history of service, and it is our pleasure to assist you as you plan and prepare for your next move. Get your free quote today!



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